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Make Payments (Nasarawas State Property Tax)

How Can Property Tax Help You?

We take care of the collections and generating report so you can save time, get result and delivering.

Save you time and effort

With Property Tax, you can get to register all properties within and outside the state capital, also register property owners.

Property Tax will help the State Government keep track of Funds and finance for those citizens that pay their tax regularly.

@PropertyTax As an employee! Life is a bit easier when using Property Tax because it saves me time when working and generating report.

@David, Oguche

Works across all devices

With our Property Tax Web and mobile App it can run on any platform, be it mobile, tablet, laptop or desktops.

The Property Tax app is so easy that you can register all your property with our field agents or at the office with ease without any delay, no cue but efficiency and faster way to generate more Land Revenue for the state.

I find the mobile app very useful when I'm on the go, i can get to do my office work even when am on the move thanks to Property Tax

@Mara, Jos North

Easy to Use

The first of it's kind the application that will help the government generate Property Revenue with ease for both the citizens of the state and also the state government.

Nice application! It’s user friendly. Very easy to use as well!

@Benjamin, South Jos.

Connect your users

The Property Tax Web application can connect all users of the application including those in the field and those in the office simultenously with any delay.

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